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The 10 Markers of Wellbeing and Happiness

In an informal survey, clients and colleagues identified 10 markers of wellbeing and happiness:

  1. Practicing self-acceptance: Feeling competent and valued. Believing in myself. Trusting that who I am and what I have to offer is perfectly fine.
  2. Living with integrity: Being true to myself. Living according to my values.
  3. Having a sense of meaning: Finding purpose in my life and work. Recognizing that what I do makes a difference in my community and in the world at large.
  4. Nurturing authentic relationships: Knowing that I am loved and truly connected to others.
  5. Expressing gratitude: Waking up each morning with a beaming sense of hope and wholeness.
  6. Finding balance: Getting my needs met while managing life's demands. Experiencing harmony in all dimensions of my life — physical / emotional / mental / social / occupational wellness & creative / spiritual growth.
  7. Living mindfully: Appreciating the here and now. Believing that if I simply continue to do 'the next right thing', my life will keep unfolding with beauty and amazement.
  8. Being creative and flexible: Welcoming new experiences and new opportunities. Embracing unexpected challenges creatively.
  9. Experiencing growth and learning: Living my life with a questioning and open mind. Appreciating the learning in all that I encounter on my life's journey.
  10. And of course, everyone agreed that laughter is a must!

What would bring you true joy and fulfillment? What are some markers of wellbeing that you would want to increase in your life?

Coaching is a collaborative process aimed at bringing out the best in you. Whether you choose Individual coaching, group coaching, or wellness coaching, a coaching relationship has all the potential to create positive energy for change and significantly promote your wellness.