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The seven dimensions of health are...
  1. Physical health: Taking care of my body — eating healthy, exercising regularly, sleeping well, drinking alcohol moderately, not smoking, abstaining from drug use... It is also about adopting precautionary measures to ward off diseases and seeking medical attention when necessary.
  2. Emotional health: Feeling positive about myself and about my life. Having adequate levels of self-esteem. Understanding and managing my feelings. Feeling grounded, balanced and engaged and dealing with stress effectively.
  3. Mental health: Being open, curious and creative. Having a wide range of interests as a life-long learner and managing my time and finances effectively.
  4. Social health: Feeling confortable in social situations. Communicating well with people and being aware of my impact on them. Making friends, having a support network, maintaining clear boundaries and solving interpersonal conflicts fairly.
  5. Spiritual health: Cultivating a sense of meaning and purpose. Recognizing my values and beliefs. Remaining true to myself while appreciating the beliefs of others.
  6. Occupational health: Enjoying what I do. Having career objectives aligned with my interests, values and skills. Knowing that I am on the path to realizing my personal aspirations.
  7. Environmental health: Respecting the environment and living in a physical space that I appreciate fully.

In short, wellness is a process of change and growth in every area of your life!

If you have tried to change one or more dimensions of your health and have only experienced limited success, you are not alone. The 'one thing' experts all agree on, is that change is hard. In order to be successful, you must set realistic yet challenging goals, establish clear action plans that suit your needs and lifestyle and actually take action. All this, along with identifying and overcoming triggers that might impede your progress while remaining committed until you have achieved your objectives — not always easy to do on your own!

My role as your wellness coach is to help you feel empowered to change. I am passionate about the topic of change. I am committed to supporting you as you discover new avenues to improve your quality of life and overall sense of wellbeing.

I have helped hundreds of people take steps toward positive change in their life and have celebrated their success with them. I am a co-author of Lifestyle Wellness Coaching (2013), which is fast becoming an indispensable resource for other wellness coaches. My academic research is on health-related individual change processes. As well, I count Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) among my coaching certifications.

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Contact me today to arrange for a 30-minute complimentary phone-based wellness coaching session. Be ready to transition from 'I really want to do it' to 'I'm actually doing it!'