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S+EI (sometimes referred to as EI or EQ) is about being aware of ourselves and of others in the moment. It means using that awareness to manage ourselves (our behaviour, our responses to stressful or challenging situations) and our relationships with others. According to Daniel Goleman, an authority in the field of S+EI, the ability to balance the skills that comprise social and emotional intelligence is what makes great leaders and star performers.

In the workplace, S+EI encompasses many skill sets. Among these are...
S+EI training is fast, fun, interactive, and tremendously effective!

I offer half-day, full-day and two-day training, plus monthly 60-minute training modules on various S+EI competencies over breakfast or lunch. However, you will get the most from your training dollar if you support the new learning acquired in the trainings with individual or team coaching.

In coaching, we begin with an assessment of S+EI skills using the most comprehensive S+EI assessment instrument on the market today, the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile™. This gives clients immediate insights into their strengths. It also allows them to target the most important areas for development first.

Once we have identified strengths and development opportunities in S+EI, we work together — individually or in teams — to create a development plan for strengthening social and emotional intelligence. Over the course of several coaching sessions, clients receive worksheets, tip sheets and all the tools needed to accelerate their own self-awareness and their awareness of others (and their potential impact on others). They also get tools to help them manage their social, emotional and behavioural responses in challenging situations.

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