Fostering growth and development in leaders of today


Management Coaching

Through management coaching, I partner with individuals to build an empowering relationship designed to improve and succeed in their professional and personal lives. Together, we address complex organizational challenges, create successful networks and more.

Leadership Development

Through leadership development, I partner with newly appointed leaders to establish skill-building goals that will foster growth toward professional and personal effectiveness, explore leadership styles, enhance interpersonal skills and more.

Mentor Coaching

Through mentor coaching, I focus on knowledge transfer, skill building and feedback to support the transformation process in professional coaches.

At 7 dimensions coaching, I take a holistic approach to professional and personal coaching. I believe that the seven dimensions of health — physical, mental, emotional, professional, social, environmental, and spiritual — continuously interact to support or impede our wellbeing. This belief guides my approach to coaching and mentoring.

I also partner with other professionals with a broad range of skills and expertise to offer the best services possible. I am dedicated to supporting meaningful and sustainable change efforts in individuals. As a coach, I seek to partner with you to further your personal and professional goals, to address the most complex organizational challenge, and to foster growth opportunities. My strength lies in my commitment to co-creating unique and sustainable solutions that address all relevant dimensions of the change process as they unfold over time.

“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept
anything but the best, you very often get it.”

Somerset Maugham