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Why 7 dimensions? Because we believe that all 7 dimensions of health continuously interact to support or impede our wellbeing: Physical, mental, emotional, professional, social, spiritual, and environmental. This belief guides our approach to coaching and consulting: Coaching is about coaching the ‘whole’ person while consulting is about working with an organization to develop processes that will result in positive change for all involved.

At 7 dimensions, we access a team of professionals with a broad range of skills and expertise. We are dedicated to supporting meaningful and sustainable change efforts in individuals, teams and groups. As coaches and process consultants, we seek to partner with you to further your personal goals, growth opportunities and/or address the most complex organizational challenge. Our strength lies in our commitment to co-create and implement unique solutions that address all relevant dimensions of the change process as these unfold over time.

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Madeleine Mcbrearty

Madeleine McBrearty As the founder and managing director of 7 dimensions coaching & consulting, a core belief that guides my work is that people are more committed to what they help create. My own commitment is to bring an intentional focus on identifying strengths and leveraging resources to promote individual and workplace wellness. I value synergy, curiosity, integrity, authenticity, and synchronicity.

My professional experience stems from my work on the management team of diverse organizations for over 30 years. Since 2003, I have been working as process consultant with private corporations and non-profit organizations. I hold a professional certified coach (PCC) certification from the International Coach Federation and I am a certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach. My passion is to walk alongside those who seek to achieve professional and personal excellence.

As co-director and faculty member in the coaching programs offered by the Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies - Concordia University I mentor those who want to become coaches. I also teach courses such as Interpersonal Communication, Working in Teams, and Health Promotion in the Department of Applied Human Sciences.

I am a lifelong learner and love to venture in new learning opportunities! In 2013, I co-authored, with Dr Jim Gavin, Lifestyle Wellness Coaching ; a perfect blend of the fields of coaching and wellness. I have received a Master degree in Human Systems Intervention / organizational effectiveness (2003) and a Master’s degree in Judaic Studies (1986). The focus of my doctorate (2010) was on individual behaviour change.